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Actividades | Activities

Palo Verde 

Palo Verde National Park & Chortega Pottery: Situated south from the Liberia International Airport we encounter the lowlands of Tempisque basin. In the Chorotega langue Tempisque is a mystical river that flows both ways. A tidal affected river with a change from 6 up 10 feet of water with 2 complete cycles. Known to be the third most important population status of the American crocodile in the world, with approximately 200 crocodiles per mile at the river. National Park Palo Verde is considered in Central America one of the most important sites for bird watching where species are not only migratory, resident and regional endemic species inhabit these areas for the extended lowlands and marshes. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 6.20.42 PM.png

Atv + Canopy Trail 

Fly down through the trees with different kinds of monkeys, 11 lines, hanging bridges, superman, and Tarzan swings is an experience that you cannot miss. There is also a local monkey rescue park so you can go inside and handle the animals while getting your photos taken! The ride to get there and back is through a mountain and down local dirt roads opening onto beautiful ocean views!

Image by Andre A. Xavier

Pottery Stop

Pottery stop for an ancient tradition living inside a culture where pottery manufacturing is demonstrated and clients have opportunity to purchase an original piece of art, and help with the economical up growth of the community

Pottery Wheel

Snorkeling & Sunset Cruise 

 4 ½ hours of snorkeling and sailing up to the northern beaches common to see dolphins, turtles, octopus, popper fish, star fish, manta rays, etc. amazing sunset right on your feet! Food and drinks are included

Woman Snorkeling with Stingray
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