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CEO | Joshua Michael

As a recent graduate of the late Wheelock College, Joshua Michael has a BA in Environmental & Anthropological studies. With a passion for travel,  sustainability, and environmental justice, Joshua's goal is to bring opportunities to global communities, specifically, those that have high crime rates, low income, & defunded education programs. The goal is to create a paradigm shift in the way that business is conducted on an international level with an emphasis on social responsibility. 

Aside from the day to day business operations, Joshua spends his free time playing basketball, creating music, & watching documentaries (if you refer to him as "nerd" he may just respond). As a native of Chicago, Joshua also enjoys the finer things in life such as deep-dish pizza and authentic Chicago-style Mexican food.  

President | Jonathan Randall 

Jonathan has 10 years experience in the vacation business and over 13 years in customer service. Jonathan also has a passion for seeing the world but is more interested in making sure that as many people as possible experience life the way it was meant to be. He currently manages our Costa Rica Operations which is also where he resides.

Outside of operations Jonathan has played Professional basketball in Costa Rica and has a passion for sports and the sense of togetherness that it brings! Also being a Native to Chicago, diversity is somethinhg that is a passion for Jonathan and he looks to bring that same passion to you on your vacation!

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